60 Minute Merchant by Paula Hickey

60 Minute Merchant

How to set up your Shopify website in 
60 minutes or less. 

Are you ready to start selling your products today?

Starting your own Shopify website doesn't have to be overwhelming or time-consuming!

The 60 Minute Merchant takes your behind the scenes of Shopify, so you'll know exactly how to add your products and update your theme.

In this one-hour video training, Sonja gives details on the must-have information you need to include on your Shopify website to to create a shop that converts your visitors into customers. Paula shows you the tech side so that you can add that info to your website quickly and easily

Meet Your Trainers!

Sonja Thompkins

Sonja is a business coach and workshop speaker. She helps women feel confident taking bold action in their life & business by replacing chronic overthinking with practical goals and strategy for rapid success.

Paula Hickey

Paula is a web designer and tech assistant. She works with women who are ready to create an online presence for their business. 

What's included?

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The 60 Minute Merchant
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