Facebook Group Engagement Boost by Paula Hickey

Facebook Group Engagement Boost

Six months of ready to use engagement prompts, questions and polls for your Facebook Group.

Are you struggling to see the engagement you want in your Facebook group?

Facebook can be picky about what they show people. If only a few people are interacting with your posts, then Facebook only shows your posts to a few people. 

What you need is to boost your engagement!

These 186 questions, prompts, and polls are designed to do just that! There is a good mix of fun and thought provoking content to grab your readers attention and encourage their engagement. 

Facebook Group Engagement Boost comes with the posts already planned out in six monthly sections so that your content is ready to go! Use the spreadsheet to easily keep track of what content has already been posted. Bonus tips are included in the WORD doc and PDF Files. A Link to a Google Sheet is included in the Terms of Use.  

Don't limit yourself to just Facebook Groups! These engagement boosts are good for your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. Anywhere you want to start a conversation you can use the prompts. 

What's included?

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Facebook Group Engagement Boost Spreadsheet
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Facebook Group Engagement Boost Word Doc
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Facebook Group Engagement Boost PDF
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FGEB- Terms of Use and Google Sheet Link
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What People Are Saying

After taking Paula's Facebook Group Engagement Post course, and using the questions in the course, my FB group engagement is much better! A lot more people are seeing my posts and people are actually commenting on them! I also like the fact that I don't have to think of something to ask every day, because I had run out of ideas. I blog about saving money and living healthy and I found that some of Paula's questions work just as they are, and if they don't, I just have to tweak the wording a little bit. I would definitely recommend Paula's course to anyone who wants to see more engagement in their FB group.
Brenda Melendez
Brenda Loves Sharing


What kind of questions are included?

Here is a peek on the WORD DOC for you:

Can Facebook Group Engagement Boost be used on other platforms?

Yes. You can use these prompts on any platform that you want to increase your engagement on.

I'm a virtual assistant. Can I use Facebook Group Engagement Boost for my clients?

Yes you can!

Who are these questions for?

Are you using your Facebook group to grow an online community to help promote your business, services, or products? If so these questions are for you! Whether you're a blogger, coach, or service provider these questions will benefit your community.