Outsourcing with Ease by Paula Hickey

Outsourcing with Ease

Fast Track Your Business Growth by Hiring a First-Rate Virtual Assistant

Are you ready to hire your first virtual assistant?

Having a VA will free up your valuable time and eliminate the routine, daily tasks so you can focus on business growth activities like marketing, developing new products and services, and more!

Did you know that the average business owner spends at least six hours a week just on social media? That’s a lot of time!

What could you do with an extra six hours a week?

If you’re a coach who offers one-hour consultation calls, you could take on six more clients a week!

If you’re a blogger who sells infoproducts, you would have more time to write that eBook or create that eCourse that’s been on your to-do list for forever!

What would outsourcing this just this one task mean for your bottom line?  What about outsourcing even more?

What you'll learn

In this course you’ll prepare your business to take on a VA, follow a step-by-step recruiting process, find strategies to build solid systems, and create in-depth training so your chosen VA will be effective and productive as soon as possible.

This course is broken down into 12 modules to take you step-by-step through hiring and onboarding your virtual assistant and delegation to them. 

By the time you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Get into an open and receptive mindset for a virtual assistant, so you can see the advantages for your business and be in the right frame of mind to proceed with recruitment
  • Identify the tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant and plan ahead for hiring, so you know exactly what you want them to do and when your business will benefit from the recruitment process
  • Define the experience, qualifications, and personal qualities you need in a VA, so you are clear about the person you’re looking for and how they can best support you
  • Plan how you will shortlist and assess potential candidates, so that you only move forward with those who are suitable and don’t waste time on those who aren’t
  • Research sources of VAs and advertise for your ideal candidates, so your ad is in the right place to attract high-quality, motivated candidates 
  • Interview your VA candidates to ensure they have the experience and qualities you require and select the best fit
  • Set up the systems and standards you want your VA to follow, so the work between you will run smoothly 
  • Design the onboarding and training activities for your new virtual assistant, so that they will feel welcomed from the start and learn the skills to become productive as quickly as possible
  • Plan how you will delegate to your virtual assistant, so that they will be clear on what’s expected and you’ll be confident to hand tasks over
  • Manage your VA effectively to ensure tasks get done as and when you want them
  • Motivate your virtual assistant and develop their skills to build your relationship, so that your business will benefit in the long term
  • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps, so you can achieve the goals you set for this course.

About Paula Hickey

With 18 years of retail management experience and owning my own VA business, I know a thing or two about how to delegate effectively and get the most out of your working relationships. I created this course to make the road to outsourcing less confusing and streamlined. 

What's included?

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Download your action guide
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Module 1 – Get Ready for Your Virtual Assistant
Module 2 – Identify Your VA’s Tasks
Module 3 – Find the Right VA Match for You
Module 4 – Use Your Job Spec to Shortlist
Module 5 – Find Your VA in the Right Places
Module 6 – Choose Your First VA
Module 7 – Set Up Stellar Systems and Standards
Module 8 – Onboard Your VA for a Smooth Start
Module 9 – Delegate for Success
Module 10 – Manage Your VA for Maximum Results
Module 11 – Develop Your VA for Future Growth
Module 12 - Review and Refine

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