SEO Basics for Virtual Assistants by Paula Hickey

SEO Basics for Virtual Assistants

How to make sure people find YOUR business when they search online

Make it easy for your ideal client to find you by laying a solid foundation to your website with SEO.

Today you have to keep internet search engines happy if you want a consistent flow of visitors who are looking for your services and products. Even if you run an offline business, your online marketing efforts, and this includes your website or blog, need to be found by the search engines.

In this course, you will discover the essentials of search engine optimization, of which keywords play an important part. Keep internet search engines happy by giving them what they want, and they will return the favor by making you happy with lots of targeted traffic to your website. More traffic means more potential clients and sales. 

Ready to start mastering the basics of search engine optimization and proper keyword use for more success online? Let's get started!

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What's included?

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Module One: How Search Engines Work
Module Two: Why SEO is Necessary
Module Three: Designing Your Content With Search Engines in Mind
Module Four: How to Perform Keyword Research to Find the ‘Right’ Keywords for Your Content
Module Five: Measuring and Tracking Your Efforts

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